Academy of Aviation Flight School - Discovery Flight Lesson

Introductory flight options for an experience to remember.

Some reasons for trying out one of the Discovery Flight options:

Give yourself or someone else the gift of flight.
You want to fly over the beautiful New York area but don't want to be only a passenger.
You want to start flight training but are not sure if it's for you.
The newest flight simulator and cockpit equipment is something you want to try.
You have a few hours before joining your friends on the beach.

Introductory flight options:

Adventurer Discovery Flight Lesson
The engine is starting. You have completed your detailed ground briefing learning about your plane and how it flies. You have gone over the pre-flight checklist with your Flight Instructor to make sure all is in readiness. The engine revs up and you are rolling down the runway. Then you lift into the air. The ground looks familiar, yet in a way you have never seen before. With the help of your FAA-certified Flight Instructor you pilot the plane where you have never been before, in the sky.

For 1-1/2 hours you cannot stop smiling as you see things from a whole new perspective. You wish you never have to land, but you do... Until the next time. Read more...

Pioneer Discovery Flight Lesson

You have completed your ground briefing and learned how your plane flies. You and your FAA-certified Flight Instructor go over the pre-flight checklist. The engine starts, you feel the plane roll down the runway, and you are lifting off into a new 1 hour adventure.

You see the World from a different view. You and your Flight Instructor are at the controls flying the plane and you can't wait until the next time. Read more...

Explorer Discovery Flight Lesson (Full Motion Flight Simulator)
For your introductory flight, you start out with a short ground school with your FAA-certified flight instructor, which includes your pre-flight checklist. Then for 1 hour you take-off and get a glimpse of what it is like to pilot your own plane. Read more...
Gift Certificates
You can buy someone an hour of flight training session and catapult their aviation career, or you can buy someone an hour of sight seeing flight and make their day... In any case you will give someone an experience to remember and one they will be telling their friends and loved ones about for long time. Read more...
Sightseeing Flights
Only minutes away from beautiful New York City, we are an ideal choice for people who want to fly over Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. The flight takes about an hour and goes along the south shore of Long Island and then over the Hudson River all the way to George Washington Bridge. You will fly over the JFK Airport, lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. You will see Central Park almost directly above and you will fly over the George Washington and Verrasano bridges. Read more...

Intro flight and discovery lesson