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New Enrollment Orientation Flights & Gift Certificates

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New York and North Carolina Locations:

Republic Airport (map and directions)
Farmingdale, New York, KFRG.
(631) 777-7772

Westchester County Airport (map and directions)
White Plains, New York, KHPN
(631) 777-7772

Gastonia Municipal Airport (map and directions)
Gastonia, North Carolina, KAKH
(704) 869-7844

Atlanta Regional Airport/Falcon Field (map and directions)
Peachtree City/Atlanta, Georgia, KFFC
(770) 290-2480

The history of aviation has been a timeline of discovery and it has never been easier to take your place in the adventure. Academy of Aviation's New enrollment Orientation Flights offer a unique opportunity for future pilots to take the controls of an aircraft in flight. Learn what it's like to plan your flight, inspect your aircraft, and take off into the wild blue yonder.

Look to the skies or explore the world below, the adventure is all yours. Enjoy learning the art of controlling the aircraft, or take advantage of seeing the world from a whole new perspective. Your FAA Certified Flight Instructor will be your guide.

Academy of Aviation offers Half-Hour, One-Hour, and 1.5-Hour flights from all three of our locations.

Academy of Aviation

Half-Hour Flight: Offered for anyone who does not already have that love of aviation. The flight will be focused on flying around our local airport.

One-Hour Flight: Best for guests who are exploring their existing love of aviation. The One-Hour flight is an excellent option for guests who are deciding if they would like to start flight training or shopping around to find the perfect flight school. Typically, the One-Hour flight will depart our local airport and allow time for hands-on flight training or sightseeing.

1.5-Hour Flight: Takes the experience to a whole new level by allowing the flight to venture further from our home airports. Both of our New York locations can tour the New York City skyline on the 1.5-Hour flight, while our North Carolina location can explore the Charlotte area or the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Flight Simulator: For those who are not quite ready to take to the skies, Academy of Aviation offers a 30-minute lesson in our Full Motion, FAA Approved Flight Simulator.

Gift Certificates: Buy someone an hour of flight training and catapult their aviation career, or buy someone an hour of sightseeing.

Academy of Aviation
Intro flight and discovery lesson

Academy of Aviation Locations:


Farmingdale, NY
Republic Airport

White Plains, NY
Westchester County Airport

Charlotte/Gastonia, NC
Gastonia Municipal Airport

Atlanta, GA
Falcon Field