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Flight School Admissions

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Domestic Flight School Student Admissions

For our Farmingdale, NY (KFRG) location:
Call  (631) 777-7772
Text Message  (631) 386-8050

For our Westchester, NY (KHPN) location:
Call  (914) 461-2336

For our Charlotte/Gastonia, NC (KAKH) location:
Call  (704) 869-7844

International Flight School Student Admissions

Text or Call   +1 516-927-7020
Skype  live:hakima.aoa
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General Information

For all non-educational inquiries, rentals, maintenance, discovery flights, gift certificates and general information:
Farmingdale Campus - Calls Only  (631) 777-7772
White Plains Campus - Calls Only  (914) 461-2336
Gastonia Campus - Calls Only  (704) 753-6041
Email and please include your campus of interest in the subject line!

Stop in for a campus tour at one of our bases in New York or North Carolina:

Republic Airport
Farmingdale, New York, KFRG. (Main Office)

Westchester County Airport
White Plains, New York, KHPN

Gastonia Municipal Airport
Gastonia, North Carolina, KAKH

Academy of Aviation's main office is in the main terminal at KFRG, New York. The guest area is the perfect place to relax after a challenging flight lesson, or when waiting for your airplane to be refueled if you are on a cross-country stop.

Having ample space for lectures, friendly conversations and study is an important factor for a successful training facility. With over 4000 square feet of floor space, we have enough room to create the environment necessary for your comfort.

Academy of Aviation

Our Redbird full motion G1000 simulator is available for your training 24x7. You will not be bothered by passers-by as the simulator is well isolated in its own room and air-conditioned for maximum comfort. Spend as much time as you can in the simulator - it is a useful tool which if applied correctly can greatly improve your performance in the airplane.

Academy of Aviation is an approved CATs location. We have a number of stations available for taking the written exams for your licenses and ratings.

Main Office:

Academy of Aviation, LLC.
(Main Office)
7150 Republic Airport
Main Terminal Room 101
Farmingdale, Long Island, NY 11735
FAX 631.777.7787

Location Information

and points of interest:

  • Farmingdale, Long Island, NY: Our flagship school location at Republic Airport in Farmingdale is just minutes away from JFK International and Spadaro Airports. Between these two airports, you will have the experience and competence to travel anywhere in the World. Your flight training here will make you capable of (and comfortable with) flying into complex controlled airspace like JFK, and show you what it is like to be landing at an airport where you are the sole arrival and departure of the day. We have 11,000 foot runways and grass strips for you to jumpstart your flight training.

  • Also, just minutes to the north, we have mountains and many different types of terrain for you to familiarize yourself with- an integral factor in your comfort level at the controls of an aircraft is knowledge and recognition of your surroundings. We feel this locale is absolutely perfect for everyone- from first time flyers to long time pros.

  • Westchester County, NY: Close to New York City, Westchester County Airport is home to a dynamic General Aviation community as well as a focal point for Charters and Business aviation. Your training here will benefit from the exact same conditions that we enjoy in Farmingdale - experience in dense controlled airspace as well as flying to small and large uncontrolled airports just minutes away.

  • Gastonia, NC: As of July 1, 2018 Academy of Aviation has taken wing at Gastonia Municipal Airport. We are an education center as well as an FBO offering the highest level of services and lowest fuel prices. Our education department focuses on flight and mechanic training.

Academy of Aviation
Cessna Pilot School

Academy of Aviation Locations:


Farmingdale, NY
Republic Airport

White Plains, NY
Westchester County Airport

Charlotte/Gastonia, NC
Gastonia Municipal Airport

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Information Coming Soon

London, England, UK
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