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Microsoft Flight Simulator vs. IRL: Is It Accurate?

"Let's never do that again." Join Stephen Maltz, Certified Flight Instructor with Academy of Aviation, as he takes Buzzfeed through a real Cessna flight and sees how it compares to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Buzzfeed's Sylvie B. and our own CFI Stephen Maltz explore the skies, the similiarities - and the differences - of one of the most popular Flight Simulator games on the market today. Scroll below to watch the videos, see some behind-the-scenes photos. Sit back, relax, press Play on the videos below, and let's see how it goes...

CFI Stephen Maltz flies a plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator and compares it to a real airplane!

Can you learn to fly after playing Flight Simulator? Watch as Sylvie B. flies a Cessna with Stephen!

Enjoy some 'Behind the Scenes' photos from the Buzzfeed Studios in Manhattan:

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