AOA Cadet Program

Republic Airline And Academy of Aviation Cadet Pilot Program

Academy of Aviation and Republic Airline have partnered to offer exclusively to AOA Commercial Pilot Students the Republic Airline and Academy of Aviation Cadet Pilot program with opportunities for future employment at Republic Airline for pilots who complete their training at Academy of Aviation.

Pilot Career Trajectory/Salary Trajectory Detail

How the Cadet program works:

  • • Join Academy of Aviation as a Commercial Pilot Student.
  • • Earn your Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine and Flight Instructor Ratings.
  • • After you earn Flight Instructor ratings, you're hired by Academy of Aviation as CFI.
  • • Flight instruct at Academy of Aviation until meeting Republic Airline's hiring standards.
  • • Build at least 50 hours per month flight time averaged throughout the calendar year.
  • • Schedule your guaranteed interview with Republic Airline.
  • • All candidates selected for and participating in training with the intent of taking advantage of the program will consistently demonstrate the work ethic, flying skill, aviation knowledge, professional attitude and demeanor, and personal qualifications to perform as a successful crew member for Republic Airline.

Please contact us today at (516) 755-7210 or complete our online pre-application questionnaire for more information regarding the Republic Airline And Academy of Aviation Cadet Pilot program.

What Can I Expect During My Training

Academy of Aviation Programs provide students with everything needed to go from "First Flight to First Officer," including job placement support with our partner airlines. Training starts with your Private Pilot License, and advances through your Instrument Rating and your Commercial Pilot License. You will gain valuable and practical experience as a flight instructor, allowing you to advance to the airlines rapidly while earning an income from your Commercial License.
Professional Pilots Are Needed Now. The airlines need qualified pilots for high-salary union pilot positions. In 2018, Boeing estimated a worldwide need for 790,000 new pilots per year for 20 years.

Key Features about Academy of Aviation:
•We offer a rapid acceleration through all aspects of your training. You will progress quickly without compromising efficiency or safety.
•Our flight school prides itself in offering flexible scheduling for customers with a busy schedule.
•FAA Approved maintenance facility.
•FAA Pilot Examiner on staff.
•FAA Approved Written Testing Center.
•Veteran Affairs Approved Training Center.
•We are a TSA Approved International Academy.

Some reasons for choosing career pilot Integrated Commercial course:
•Fast progress through the pilot certification path. Know exactly what you need and how you will progress through your flight training.
•Current and marketable experience at the point of getting your Commercial License.
•Financing options.

What AOA offers to your advantage:
•FAA Part 141 - lower minimum hours required.
•New technology G1000 equipped airplanes - immediately ready for the new crop of glass cockpit airplanes.
•Best rates for your multi-engine hours.
•JFK Air Traffic Control (NY Locations only) - practical skills to meet the demands of any airspace in the world.
•Always available and well serviced airplanes.

Career Trajectory

Career Path from 6 Months to 15 Years
  • $250K
  • $225K
  • $200K
  • $175K
  • $150K
  • $125K
  • $100K
  • $75K
  • $50K
  • $25K
  • 0
  • CFI
  • CFII
  • MEI
  • First Officer
  • Captain
  • First Officer
  • Captain
  • Training
  • 6 Mo
  • 7 Mo
  • 8 Mo
  • Yr 2
  • Yr 4
  • Yr 8
  • Yr 15
Flight Training
AOA Flight Instructor (Build Hours)
Regional Carrier
Major Carrier

Salary Trajectory / Average Earnings Detail

x-axis: Years as a Pilot
y-axis: Approximate Yearly Salary ($k/yr)

Flight Training - Earn your PPL, IR, CPL, CFI licenses and ratings.
CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) - Train students and build hours.
MEI (Multi-Engine Instructor) - Train students in Multi Engine aircraft.
CFII (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument) - Train students for their Instrument rating.

Academy of Aviation
G1000 cockpit

CALL (508) 784-7174

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