Academy of Aviation Flight School - Pioneer Discovery Flight Lesson

Introductory flight options for an experience to remember.

Pioneer Discovery Flight Lesson
You have completed your ground briefing and learned how your plane flies. You and your FAA-certified Flight Instructor go over the pre-flight checklist. The engine starts, you feel the plane roll down the runway, and you are lifting off into a new 1 hour adventure.
You see the World from a different view. You and your Flight Instructor are at the controls flying the plane and you can't wait until the next time.

Who is this option for?

This option is ideal for the aviation enthusiast on a budget. You have always wanted to fly an airplane and now is the moment you want to treat yourself with the joy that made you smile for so long.

Do you need to prepare for this flight?

No. Although most likely you are already prepared. Our Flight Instructor will make sure you know all the required information prior to initiating your flight so that you can enjoy your 1 hour to the fullest.

Pioneer discovery lesson