Academy of Aviation Flight School - Explorer Discovery Flight Lesson

Introductory flight options for an experience to remember.

Explorer Discovery Flight Lesson (Full Motion Flight Simulator)
For your introductory flight, you start out with a short ground school with your FAA-certified flight instructor, which includes your pre-flight checklist. Then for 1 hour you take-off and get a glimpse of what it is like to pilot your own plane.

Who is this option for?

This option is ideal for the person who is almost sure they are about to go and apply for one of our flight training programs but want to dip their toes in the water first. It will give you enough of a taste so that you can make all the decisions you need to make without breaking your wallet. Your Flight Instructor will answer any questions you may have and the session will be tailored to any specific area you want to explore.

Do you need to prepare for this flight?

No. This flight training session is really exploratory... you get to try many things in any sequence it happens. Of course you can also let your instructor "drive" and cover the portions of flight which show the reality of flight and flight training to its fullest.

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