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The Importance of Learning the English Language.

Having a good grasp of the English language will help international students tremendously in their quest for FAA certification. We can not stress enough how much of a difference it will make in all aspects of your flight training: Aviation English

  • Safety - sharing the airspace with other people makes it non-optional to be able to transmit and receive coherent messages in English.

  • Regulatory - knowing English is a requirement by the FAR. You may fail your check-ride at the discretion of the Flight Examiner.

  • Money - knowing English well will help you go much faster through your training; it can save you thousand of dollars.

  • Fun - your comfort level and the ability to enjoy your training will increase exponentially with every new concept of the English language that you have mastered.

  • Networking - your journey in aviation is only beginning once you go out of our school. You will have considerably more career opportunities if you get to know different people and if you are able to communicate with them. With English being the official aviation language all over the world, chances are that most people you meet in aviation will be able to talk to you in English.

From the FAA:

Effective March 5, 2008, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requires the following certificate holders who operate internationally to have a certificate stating that the holder is proficient in the use of the English language:

  • Private, commercial, and airline transport pilots with powered aircraft ratings

  • Flight engineers and flight navigators

  • Control tower operators

  • The ability to read, speak, write, and understand English is already a U.S. regulatory eligibility requirement; the FAA Registry began issuing all new certificates with this endorsement on February 11, 2008. The U.S. has notified ICAO that it filed a difference that will extend the U.S. compliance date until March 5, 2009, in order to provide sufficient time for all affected U.S. airman certificate holders to comply with the ICAO Language Proficiency airman certificate endorsement requirements.

Read the full text here: FAA English Proficiency

English Teaching Resources:

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