Academy of Aviation Flight School - Flight Student Housing and Accommodations

Affordable living while you train.

Flight Student Housing and Accommodations

Academy of Aviation offers a convenient housing which is especially suitable for out of area students and those in the Career Pilot Program. Accommodations provided by AOA start at $250 per week for private room with wireless internet.

Living expenses are very affordable. Although close to New York City, the cost of living in Farmingdale has no premiums compared to other places in the country. With a large number of local stores and ethnic food groceries and restaurants you can almost certainly find your favorite type of food.

Many people underestimate the importance of diversity and leisure time on the successful outcome of their training. For the average career pilot student the course will take many lessons within many months. If you are constantly starved from the things you are used to and live in isolated place with no healthy distractions the chances are that your brain will get tired faster than you will be able to complete your course. This will have negative impact on your academic performance and your personal experience with your lessons and training. While Academy of Aviation can not get any credit for the multitude of choices available to our student, we are happy to notice that student who come from other more isolated centers in the country generally report a higher level of satisfaction and higher motivation for doing the day to day work necessary for their certification.

If you have any questions regarding housing and the cost of living, please call us or send us an email.

Your Flight Training School

Your flying lessons and flight training in Long Island, New York - the heart of the world will be something you will always remember not only because of the flight experience you will gain with us but also because of the great life experience that only comes with living in NYC.

Academy of Aviation is located in a modern and spacious facility in the main terminal of Farmingdale's Republic Airport. Our professional staff will always meet you with a smile and attend to all your questions before, during and after your training. We have our own airplane maintenance staff so you never have to wait or reschedule because of airplanes waiting for technical service.

We are fortunate to operate our flight school from what is the best field for flight lessons and training not only in the NYC area but easily in the World - Republic, KFRG

We are more than a place for getting a pilot license. At Academy of Aviation you will not only become a fully qualified pilot, but you will also meet with some of the people who are running the aviation businesses of today and tomorrow. You will have the opportunity to learn first hand what to expect in your future careers and what the aviation is beyond the flying itself. Our past students and instructors are routinely returning to our school to pass on their newly gained experience on people like you who are eager to make the jump and spread their wings.

International student housing and accommodations