Academy of Aviation Flight School - Private Pilot Course

The Private Pilot license is the doorway to making your dream of flight a reality.

It will allow you to legally fly in good weather conditions with friends and family in most countries worldwide. And with the additional Instrument and Multi-engine ratings you will be able to fly in most conditions that airline pilots do.

There will be many "firsts" on your way to the Private Pilot License - first flight, first radio communication, your first solo flight and landing, first solo cross country ... the sense of achievement and satisfaction is equal to none.

At Academy of Aviation, we operate both G1000 and traditionally equipped airplanes. Flying the Skyhawk G1000 is an experience of its own and you will most definitely feel on the cutting edge of what General Aviation has to offer.

Why wait? Your journey can begin today! Our professional instructors will be glad to talk to you and explain all the little details to get you started and to successfully go all the way to your first pilot’s license.

Some reasons for choosing the Private Pilot course:
Fly long cross-country flights by yourself or with family and friends.
It is a stepping stone to your Airline or Military pilot career.
Make a dream you had when you were a child a reality.
Explore new opportunities in life.
Ability to fly for business and meet clients.

What AOA offers to your advantage:
Cessna Pilot Center with glass cockpit and traditionally equipped airplanes.
FAA Part 141 approved training facility.
Full motion G1000 flight simulator.
A mix of airspace - both student friendly and highly professional.
Rental prices for your time building.
Always available and well serviced airplanes.

FAA (Minimum) Requirements:
17 years of age.
35 hours FAA Part 141; 40 hours FAA Part 61.

You can read more about the detailed requirements and the privileges these licenses give you here:
or call us at 631-777-7772 and we'll be happy to go over them with you.

Private Pilot flight student