Academy of Aviation Flight School - Instrument Rating Course

The demands on the instrument pilot are immense.
Stay current with your skills.

Aviation is a very serious business at any level. But no where is absolute professionalism called for more than when flying the weather. This is the rating that will truly make you walk proud as a pilot knowing that your pride is backed up by right stuff. The demands on the instrument pilot are immense and you need constant practice in order to stay current with your skills. That is why we also provide the Instrument Proficiency check which is mandated by FAA and is vital for the already rated instrument pilot.

Whether you are a Private Pilot or a Commercial Pilot, having the instrument rating pays off in many ways - freedom, confidence, and most importantly, safety.

Some reasons for obtaining the Instrument rating:
Freedom to fly in challenging weather conditions.
Increased confidence when flying - day or night, controlled or uncontrolled airspace, VFR or IMC.
Increased marketability for the career pilot.
Lower your insurance premiums.
More options when flying for business and meeting with clients.

What AOA offers to your advantage:
All types of instrument approaches at your airbase - no need to fly an hour to your practice.
G1000 and traditionally equipped airplanes.
Full motion G1000 flight simulator.
Vast number of airports in the immediate area and all equipped with multiple instrument approaches.
Best rental prices for your time building.
Always available and well serviced airplanes.

FAA (Minimum) Requirements:
Hold at least Private Pilot certificate.
50 hours cross-country PIC.
40 hours actual or simulated instrument time.

You can read more about the detailed requirements and the privileges these licenses give you here:
or call us at 631-777-7772 and we'll be happy to go over them with you.

Instrument rating course