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Private Pilot details

FAA (Minimum) Requirements: Get started at any age but you must be 16 years old to fly solo; Be 17 years of age to take your Private Pilot Course checkride; Obtain a 3rd Class FAA Medical Certificate (or higher); English proficiency.

Sport & Recreational

FAA (Minimum) Requirements: 17 years of age, 20 hours for Sport; 30 hours for Recreational.

Instrument Rating

FAA (Minimum) Requirements: Hold at least Private Pilot certificate, 50 hours cross-country PIC, 40 hours actual or simulated instrument time.

Commercial Pilot details

FAA (Minimum) Requirements: 18 years of age, 190 hours FAA Part 141 (Farmingdale and White Plains locations); 250 hours FAA Part 61.


FAA (Minimum) Requirements: Hold at least Private Pilot certificate, Have an endorsement from a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor.)

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Teach, learn, build flight experience and log flying hours.

Air Transport Pilot (ATP)

First officers — also known as co-pilots — must hold an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate, requiring 1,500 hours total time as a pilot.

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For Further Reading:

  • The authoritative source for information is, as always, the FAA website.
  • Detailed description of what is expected on the flight proficiency elements can be found in the FAA PTS information page.
  • Read more about the detailed requirements and the privileges these licenses give you.

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