Academy of Aviation Flight School - Commercial Pilot Course

The Commercial Pilot License is your entry point into the
aviation industry.

It will allow you to get a paid job as a pilot. With the appropriate ratings, it will allow you to fly as a crew-member on any airplane.

Some reasons for choosing the Commercial Pilot course:
Start a career as a pilot.
Have the opportunity to obtain part time flying and seasonal pilot jobs.
Lower your insurance premiums.
Better rental privileges.

What AOA offers to your advantage:
FAA Part 141 - lower minimum hours required.
G1000 equipped airplanes - immediately ready for the new crop of glass cockpit airplanes.
Full motion G1000 flight simulator.
JFK Air Traffic Control - practical skills to meet the demands of any airspace in the world.
Best rental prices for your time building.
Always available and well serviced airplanes.

FAA (Minimum) Requirements:
18 years of age.
190 hours FAA Part 141 (Farmingdale and White Plains locations); 250 hours FAA Part 61.

You can read more about the detailed requirements and the privileges these licenses give you here:
or call us at 631-777-7772 and we'll be happy to go over them with you.

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