Academy of Aviation Flight School - Air Transport Pilot (ATP)

Achieve the highest level of pilot certification.

A special training program will be created for you based on your specific post certification goals and your financial requirements. Financing is available for many applicants and we are working closely with the lending banks to secure the best options for your loans.

As all students of AOA, participants in the ATP course can get personal coaching and advice from many of our former students and instructors who are now flying successfully for major airlines around the world. Starting a successful pilot career takes more than learning to fly an airplane and we ensure that students who want to achieve their goals in commercial aviation are fully prepared to meet the challenges of the aviation industry. You will ready to meet any challenge.

From Flying Magazine:

"The Airline Transport Pilot Multi-Engine certificate is the crown jewel of pilot ratings and is required for pilots flying passengers or cargo under Part 121 and some Part 135 operations. Whether you intend to use the rating as a professional aviator, think you may use it in the future or want to get it simply to be able to say the letters ATP are printed on the back of your pilot's certificate, the rating confirms you are on the same level as the guy up front when you're sitting cramped into row 34 of a jampacked airliner.

Not only are first officers now required to hold an ATP certificate, but in order to qualify for the captain's seat, they also need to accumulate 1,000 hours as copilots.

As part of the Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act of 2010, Congress mandated that, in addition to airline captains, all first officers are required to hold an ATP certificate.

The new requirements have also created a quagmire for the airlines, which are expected to lose a large number of pilots to retirement in the next 10 years and need to fill slots for low paying introductory-level first officer jobs from a training market that requires ever increasing costs."
Bergqvist, Pia (2015, Feb. 9). "Getting Your ATP Certificate; Achieving the highest level of pilot certification is harder than ever. Here is how to do it." Flying Magazine. Retrieved from

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